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                                           Artisan Sandwich Platters
Focaccia Roast Turkey, roasted portabella and bell pepper, fontina cheese and fresh basil on rosemary flat bread
Sister Havana Pulled pork, ham, caramelized onion, provolone, pickle and mustard on grilled sourdough
Turkey Bacon Wrap Turkey, bacon, provolone, gourmet greens, tomato, lemon-basil mayonnaise
Carolina Barbequed Pork With nappa cabbage slaw
Napa Valley Club Prosciutto ham, arugula, jicama, tomato and honey balsamic vinaigrette
Veggie Ciabata Artichoke hearts, roasted bell pepper, goat cheese, arugula, and olive oil baked on ciabatta bread

Kettle chips are included. You may choose any combination of the above sandwiches. Sandwiches are cut in half.
Marco To Go Boxed Lunch

Everything you need in one easy to use package. Your choice of one of our artisan sandwiches, pasta salad, fresh fruit salad, decadent brownie and kettle chips. $10.00/Person

Appetizer and Sides
Toasted Gnocchi Gnocchi pasta dusted with Italian seasonings, $5.00
Artichoke Spread Roasted peppers, garlic and artichokes baked with a blend of cheeses. Served with crostini. $6.00
Three Cheese Crostini Brushed with garlic oil topped with mozzarella, asiago, and reggiano Marinara dipping sauce $5.00
Bread Sticks With grated reggiano and marinara dipping sauce $4.00
  With Mozzarella Cheese $5.00


Our soups are made fresh daily by our team of chefs. Ask us for today’s selections, such as Cream of Wild Mushroom, Cheddar Ale or Butternut Squash Bisque. For parties of 20 or more, we would be happy to prepare a soup just for you!

Quart Serves 4
Gallon Serves 16 $50.00

Our soups are served with fresh bread

We use fresh ingredients and prepare everything from scratch, from soups to sauces to salad dressings. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or customize a menu to meet your needs.

Specialty Salad

House made dressing and the freshest ingredients

Serving 10 or More

Marco House Salad* Organic greens, caramelized walnuts, apple, tomato, and honey balsamic vinaigrette $2.50/Person
Spinach Salad* Baby spinach, red pepper, onion, avocado, tomato, shaved reggiano, pepitas, and mustard vinaigrette $3.00/Person
Caesar Salad* Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, shaved reggiano, and anchovy vinaigrette $2.75/Person
Southwest Salad*
Organic greens, red pepper, onion, avocado, tomato, gorgonzola, pepitas, toasted paprika $3.00/Person
Greek Salad* Iceberg lettuce, red pepper, onion, feta, black olives, and lemon-cucumber vinaigrette $3.00/Person
Chicken Salad* Roasted Chicken, tomato, orange, carrot and raisins in a creamy citrus dressing. Served with gourmet greens $4.00/Person
Antipasti Salad The finest meats and cheeses, marinated vegetables and olives served over a bed of gourmet greens with mustard vinaigrette $4.00/Person
Orzo and Roasted Vegetable Orzo pasta, roasted seasonal vegetables, Pesto vinaigrette $3.00/Person
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad $3.00/Person
*Green salads served with fresh bread

Pasta Selections

Pastas are served in disposable foil pans. Freshly baked bread is included. Pricing is per person with a 10 person minimum, except Lasagna.

Fennel Sausage Lasagna Sausage and fresh ground beef layered with fresh pasta, our sauce, cheeses and herbs

Half (12 pieces)—$45.00

Full (24 pieces)—$90

Chicken Penne Roasted Chicken, penne pasta and summer squash sautéed with brown chicken jus, rosemary and goat cheese $3.75/Person
Gnocchi Pan seared gnocchi pasta, prosciutto ham, and artichoke hearts in a pesto cream, topped with toasted walnuts $4.75/Person
Tetrazini Spaghetti, roasted chicken and fresh vegetables Baked in a creamy herb sauce with a crispy bread crumb topping $3.75/Person
Spring Vegetable Spaghetti Asparagus, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and other vegetables tossed in a roasted pepper-tomato sauce with asiago cheese $3.50/Person
Marco Mac&Cheese Cavatappi pasta in a rich, creamy sauce with aged cheddar, asiago and reggiano cheeses $3.50/Person

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